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I've spent thousands of dollars and 3 years designing, tooling, manufacturing, testing & redesigning.

I have made it reliable to the point that I feel that it is marketable.
So far no failure just wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow.
If you have something better - bring it on. That's what makes this fun.

There is something in here for every modeler level.
The number of Dynamax fan units are growing, and in the next few months I hope to see many happy modelers. Your feedback is welcome at any time. I know every part of this fan, because I designed it, with the help of some very knowledgeable people.

... and remember we are just getting started.

Dyn-e-max EDF

12.5 lbs. thrust on 10S
16-21lbs. thrust on 12S
21-24 lbs. thrust on 14S
24-27 lbs. thrust on 16S

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